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Coloured, Stamped Concrete

Coloured, stamped concrete is a way to give your driveway or patio a unique look. We start by giving the concrete a particular base colour of your choice. A coloured powder known as colour release is added to the surface to create various accent colours throughout the concrete, giving it an authentic look. Many colour variations can occur during this process making it impossible to guarantee exact colour match. After the colouring is done, we use stamps to imprint different shapes and patterns into the concrete to look like brick and stone. The finished product is a dramatic, rich effect for your driveway, patio, or pool deck.

Seamless Stamps

Pavers Stamps

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Exposed Aggregate Concrete is a technique that involves using smooth stones and pebbles on the surface of the concrete to create a visually interesting look to your driveway, sidewalk, or patio. The stones are finshed with a clear coat on the top that makes the surface smooth and relatively level. The overall effect is colourful and provides texture to your lot.

Exposed Aggregate

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