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If you're considering having a new concrete Garage Slab installed, or an existing one completely removed and replaced, AJ’s Concrete Inc. can ensure a good quality, long lasting job. Concrete Garage Pad in Winnipeg, Brandon, Portage la Prairie, Lorette, La Salle, Oakbank, Oakbluff, or any other location in Manitoba.

Garage slabs take a lot of abuse. They have to support heavy cars and trucks and resist ice, dirt, salty water, de-icers, gasoline, motor oil, antifreeze, and other contaminants. Plus, since few garages are heated, they have to tolerate freeze/thaw conditions. But a garage slab that has been carefully planned, installed, and cured should have no trouble providing years of crack-free performance in any climate, even under the toughest conditions. AJ’s Concrete Inc. contractors do this kind of work every day; adopt their attention to detail and you'll meet their high standard of quality.

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